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Senses Cadeau


If you are looking for the ultimate gifting items, then you have reached the right place. Senses is a master in creating elegant, unique and beautiful gifting boxes that are sure to wow everyone. Our gifting boxes are elegantly designed down to the last details, with beautiful additions of flowers and more. The wide variety of our wrapped and unwrapped chocolates are hand made from the highest quality ingredients, with unique fillings and exotic flavours that will give your taste buds an unforgettable journey! Check out our massive selection, including the ultimare baby shower gifts for a newborns

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Koutouf and Sweets


A one of a kind snack & bakery retailer that provides the largest variety of products at the most competitive prices. We empower household entrepreneurs & act as the largest market place for their products. We have our finger on the pulse of innovation & guarantee that any new trend can be found at Kottouf

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Gardenia Sweets


Enjoy our variety of delicious sweets made by our talented chefs from the highest quality ingredients. From premium chocolates with exotic flavors, to delicious crunchy biscuits, we have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a box of sweets to enjoy during those sweet tooth cravings, or looking for a premium gift for any occasion to give to your friends and family, Gardenia has a wide variety of products to choose from.

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Melly's Chocolate


Melly’s is inspired by the people who love life and can’t get enough of everything it has to offer. It is created around friendship, laughter and everything good that happens while sharing a heavenly bite of sweet. Melly’s appeals to that side of you eager to live and love life! We never stop, and always seek the opportunities, dream big, and look forward to just one more! Just one more friend, one more gathering, one more trip, one more adventure, one more hug, one more smile, one more chapter, one more laugh, and with Melly’s, simply, just one more.

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Asateer Arabic Sweets Baklava


Asateer means legends, derived from your favorite memories as a child with your grandparents, when your grandpa would tell you fascinating legends and stories, as you sat and listened excited and fascinated, and your grandma would bring you a warm plate of her fresh home-made Baklawa and Maamoul!

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