Melly’s provides a wide selection of premium handmade sweets, including chocolates and crepe dentelle. Our chocolate range is handmade by our talented chefs using the highest-quality ingredients to bring you unique and delicious flavors. Our Crepes are light, crunchy, with a variety of fillings including a no-added sugar range. Have a bite of our chocolates and we guarantee it will make you come back for #justonemore.


Melly’s is inspired by the people who love life and can’t get enough of everything it has to offer. It is created around friendship, laughter and everything good that happens while sharing a heavenly bite of sweet. Melly’s appeals to that side of you eager to live and love life! We never stop, and always seek the opportunities, dream big, and look forward to just one more! Just one more friend, one more gathering, one more trip, one more adventure, one more hug, one more smile, one more chapter, one more laugh, and with Melly’s, simply, just one more.