Try to remember your favorite memories you had as a child around your grandparents. Those fascinating stories they told you and the delicious sweets they would give you. Those little treats you would get while hiding from your parents. You are smiling!

Asateer means legends, derived from your favorite memories as a child with your grandparents, when your grandpa would tell you fascinating legends and stories, as you sat and listened excited and fascinated, and your grandma would bring you a warm plate of her fresh home-made Baklawa and Maamoul!

Those were the happiest memories from your childhood. Think back to your family gathered around to listen to the legends, play games and eat those fresh goodies. That warm nostalgic feeling and the smell of freshly baked cookies are a big part of your happiest childhood memories.

Asateer is here to revive that warm feeling and offer you a variety of fresh Mediterranean sweets that guarantee great quality and taste every bite, bringing back the sweet memories of the past to the great taste of today.